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You can play music CDs. This is possible with Audio/BCDPlay and Audio/CD-Player


Of course discs can be used (in UAE normally ADF). There are a lot of options available by the menu "System". That includes System/TransADF to create ADF from a disc or to write ADF to disc. Alternative you can create ADF by System/ADF->DF0 or DF1. Additional there are more utilities available in System/Filesystem and in System/Filevirus VirusZ to check for virus.

Mounting by GUI

Additional to real CD and discs are also electronic media (ADF for discs and ISO for CD) directly supported. Next to mount as drive by rightclick you can also use a GUI. This GUI can be started by CTRL-Alt-i.


directories can be converted to ISO by rightclick. This ISO can be burned as CD using MakeCD or mounted as drive by rightclick or GUI.


Discs can be converted in ADF. This ADF can be mounted as drive and again written back to disc or you can create a directory from ir.
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