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Version for UAE or HDF (formated with FFS). ROMs are needid if you want to boot HDF in UAE. Updated 29.10.2021 and 7.11.2021. Big Update 26.12.2021. Update1 2.1.2022 and 7.1.2022, last Update 28.1.2022
Version for UAE
Version for HDF (Formated with FFS)
ROMs (needed to boot HDF in UAE)
Scalos-Version for UAE
If you want to support development and hosting of aros vision you can support me by a donation
A few hints:

whdload is preinstalled using aros roms. To get full support add original roms. Description is here.

The WinUAE-Config is here

On FS-UAE you need the new version 4. Version 3 make problems

If you have already downloaded HDF or UAE archive you can easily update without redownloading:
menu System/install/update

user-startup and startup-sequence are not changed (or other configs) so your own changes should not be affected

Update 8 (05.02.2022)

added Next, aqb

Update 7 (28.01.2022)

Updated roms
Additional Commodities
Locking screen with password (Password in Menu is "Amiga". You can do it yourself with shell: "alock password=xxx")
Additional tools
Taskbar like Win98

Update 6 (22.01.2022)

Updated roms
bugfixed reqtools library
VirusZ III
new or improved filetypes

Update 5 (19.01.2022)

Improved Packer-Support
additional shell commands
2 new window-related commodities
GUIs for File Search and split/join of files

Update 4 (14.01.2022)

Small but important update:
IGame now works
Fonteditor and Fontviewer added

Update 3 (11.01.2022)

CRC-Checksums for files
Encryption/Decryption of files

Update 2 (08.01.2022)

CDROM-Filesystem added
Font-Prefs replaced
a number of commands for CDROM- and DVD-Handling are added in C
ISO-File can be created from a directory

Update 1 (02.01.2022)

Use menu System/install/update

then Reboot

There is only one small change needed in startup-sequence (for more complex updates in future):
Either you copy the attached startup-sequence in your installation or edit it manually:right before user-startup is executed:

IF EXISTS "S:added-Startup"
    EXECUTE "S:added-Startup"

in future I do not need to change startup-sequence or user-startup and no big downloads are needed


Commands adfz and diskinfo added (in menu and filetypes used)
Hippo Player updated
added-startup in S: for future use added
new directory for updates in extras added
Menu extended
2 Programs for grabbing of kick added
Several extended filetypes updated

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