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Concept and vision
It was my goal to create the perfect distribution for me and to get the most from available resources. These resources were for me Aros 68k as base with its features (network, RTG, AHI, MUI (ZUNE), extended datatypes and so on) combined with magellan desktop with its extensive configuration options, Hollywood (small programs from me and extern software f.e. for PDF), AROS software and a big number of components from amiga including libraries, converters, small utilities and GUI and big applications with approval and components like preconfigured WHDLoad, DiskImage Device, XAD, XFD, many commodities. Additional many games and demos for fun including games that can be started using iGame. This is getting combined and easy accessible by a extensive preconfigured desktop. On this page you find a short overview about what is possible, more informations you find on linked pages. I have always tried to hear on wishes of users. The idea is to have everything preconfigured so you only have to add your own games and applications. As much as possible should be accessible by menu (main menu or context menue).

Some of the special features:

  • XAD, XFD, DiskImage Device, FAT95, SAMBA, CDROM-Filesystem preinstalled
  • extended Datatypes and Multiview
  • time zone synchronisation
  • Off-.Screen dragging
  • Mount of ISO or ADF (possible also with GUI)
  • MUI-Implementation (Zune)
  • AHI
  • network
  • RTG
  • Modern preconfigured desktop (Magellan)
  • Mousewheel support
  • Drag&Drop in Shell
  • preconfigured WHDLoad (using AROS-ROMs) and iGame
  • many additional programs installed


The desktop is based on magellan with its extensive configuration options. Extended by predefined "filetypes" that means for any file format (f.e. lha archive or PNG Image) is a icon defined, what happens if someone double clicks on it and which context menu are shown by right-click on it. Additional there are general hotkeys and extended by commodities. Overview over desktop you find here.

Aros Vision is a mixture between Aros 68k and Magellan. Because of that there are different places to make preferences. There is no simple solution to make all preferences on one place (like in VisualPrefs). I will explain everything on a special webpage.

CD: play Music-CD, access data
ISO: create ISO from directory, burn CD (MakeCD), mount as drive
ADF: create ADF, mount ADF as drive, copy ADF on Disk
Disc: check Virus, create ADF, several Tools f.e. check discs for errors, fix errors, defrag
Details do you find here.

Many file formats are direct supported and can be opened and unpacked with GUI (XAD), directories can be packed by mouse.
Some of the supported file formats: ARC, ARJ, CAB, DMS, LHA, LHF, TAP, TAR, ZOO, 7ZIP, JAR, LZX, RAR, TGZ, ZIP. Details are here.

Datatypes extended and new added (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, PNG, TARGA)
Support of different animation formats like AVI or ANIM
Improved multiview
Converting between different datatype formats by mouse (f.e. BMP in PNG)
many additional file formats with conversions in PNG or OFF by mouse possible
Different C64- and Atari-file formats are supported (f.e. koala images)
many file formats are shown by doubleclick on it
Additional software and CLI-Tools are integrated (f.e. painting programs, raytracer, fractal software)
TV-Paint included.

Overview is here.

Many formats are supported like WAV, MP3, WMA, MIDI, MOD, MED, HVL, XM, SID
Many conversions possible between the file formats
Files can be played by doubleclick
Additional player and tracker included f.e. HippoPlayer, HivelyTracker, PlaySID
Sound FX included

The system can be updated from the environment (menu System/Install/Update). By this neither startup-sequence nor user-startup are changed, custom installations are not affected

By menu libs/prefs/user-startup/startup-sequence can be backuped or restored individual or in general

Included is Aweb (web browser), FTP (RNOXfer), Email (SimpleMail), access to aminet by FTP or Aweb.

PDF files can be shown by doubleclick

ScummVM with games, DOSBox (MSDOS), MasterGear, Gameboy, MSX, NES, PC-Engine

Next to AROS-Shells (description here) there are 2 added. Additional handler are included and many commands added who cover most of the AmigaDOS commands. Additional many more are added.

Selection of additional programs
screenblanker, screenshots, software to split files, encrypt and decrypt of files, editing colours, env manager, taskbar like Win98, eyes, calculator, search for files, notes, calendar, trashcan, editting icons

Included are AREXX (Regina), Python and LUA

There are a number of whdload games and demos included. These can be accessed by iGame. Some other games are accessible by the menu "games". Alle games are included in Work.

Some is direct accessible by the menu developing. ACE (Basic that is compatible to AMIGABasic), Amiblitz3, AMOS (with many extensions) and AMOSUnity (the new version with full AGA support). Additional there is more in Sys:Extras/Developing including Modula2, Pascal, E, Draco, several basic environments, PowerD and Cyclone.

As many libraries as possible added. The normal amiga libraries are replaced by aros libraries.

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