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Description of windows functionality

This is start

The Window
At the top of the window it can be minimized and maximized and made small on the desktop (opening it again by doubleclick)

At the top is the main menu. There can most of the integrated programs directly accessed (except games). At the buttom is a buttonbar where some of the programs can be directly started including Aweb and Multiview.  

If left mouse button is pressed and the mouse is getting moved more than one file can be selected. Some of what is possible:

Close Window: ESC. / Strg W
Window to front: Left-Amiga f
Window to back: Left-Amiga b
Change size of window horizontal: Shift Left-Amiga Left and Shift Left-Amiga Right
Change size of windows at birders: keep STRG pressed and change with mouse
All windows minimize: Left-Amiga Shift M
All windows reopen: Left-Amiga Shift C
Maximize of a window: Left-Amiga Shift Up
Minimize a window: Left-Amiga Shift Down
Maximize to right: Left-Amiga Right
Maximize to left: Left-Amiga Left
Maximize to top (Top): Left-Amiga Top
Center window: F1
Window below successor: F2
Reopen or minimze: F3
Change between windows: Strg-TAB
Window in left upper edge: Strg F2
calendar: F8
Clipper (Clipboard Manager): Strg Left-Alt C
Next window: F4

Additional Shortkeys:
FullPallette-Prefs: Strg Left-Alt f
Execute: Left-Amiga e
New directory: Left-Alt n
One directory level back: Left
Delete File (=in Trashcan): Del
IGame: Left-Alt w
IconInfo: Left-Alt i
Copy: Left-Alt c
Rename: Left-Alt r
Break (interrupt processes): Left-Alt b
Diskimage Device GUI: Ctrl-Alt-i
Window-Manager: Shift-Esc

Right-click on window

Every window can be shown in different modi:
Icon action
Show all

The standard mode is Icon. Icon means only directories or files with icon are shown. Show all shows all files.

With Name all files are shown like in screenshot below

Directories are on the top of the listing (colour can be changed), after that the files. You can do different things like all devices, deletion of files, copying or moving of files or renaming it.

When showing directory in "Icon"-mode you can right-click on a file show context-menues.

These context-menues are partly format-specific (defined by ending), partly the same menue options available for all.

This includes Execute (of file), play mod (shellplayer), play mp3 (mpega), play avi (ffplay), multiview, play video (hollywood), play picture (hollywood), play music (hollywood), open as PDF, GetCRC (checksums for the file).

To change icons you must use information in context-menu. Then the icon picture exchange by drag&drop on it and press save.

Directories can be searched for files or packed by LHA, LZX, TGZ and ZIP or shown as tree.

You can lock the system. This can be activated by "Lock" in System/Lock (password Amiga) or using Shell: alock password=xyz (xyz is the password).
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